Two Possible Alien Theories for Christian Disappearances


Tied closely to the New Age theory, and in many ways connected to it, is the alien theory. Here then are two possible alien theories—as explanations for the Christian disappearances (what we call the rapture of the church):

  1. The missing people were abducted by aliens. They will then be used to produce hybrids (part alien, part human), which will then be used as an invasion force to take over the world.
  2. The superior race of aliens came and took those unfit beings (Christians) off the earth so that the New Age evolutionary process could be completed. The aliens will then either kill the Christians, re-educate them (to make them good New Agers), or use them as breading stock to produce hybrids for the New Age world.

In upcoming post I will present five reasons why this alien theory will be considered.  Here is the first reason:


Multiple UFO Sightings Have Given Aliens Great Popularity


According to Chuck Missler, there have been over 3,000 authenticated alien (UFO) sightings, including highly reliable radar sightings.35  Here are a few of the more popular sightings seen by many people:

Roswell, July 4, 1947. On this date a dish shaped object crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico. Many saw its crash landing, however, the Army sealed off the area, confiscated the crashed disk and remains, and have since made up stories to cover up the entire incident. Any evidence remains highly classified.36

Washington D.C., July 19, 1952. Beginning on this date, over Washington D. C., hundreds of people saw fiery objects in the sky for about a week. These objects have been detected by radar.37

Mexico City, 1993. Over this city, in the year 1993, there was an “ongoing wave of UFO sightings,” which were seen by thousands of people.38

Seoul, Korea, November 23, 1996. Over this city on this date a huge cigar shaped UFO was seen and televised for ten minutes.39

Arizona, June 18, 1997. On this date thousands of people saw a large triangle formation of lights pass over the state of Arizona, and also a series of stationary lights were seen in the Phoenix area.40

Though we have to admit that many UFO sightings are hoaxes and unreliable, many are reliable. In fact, as Chuck Missler has pointed out, thirteen of our astronauts have actually seen UFO’s, including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  I think they are absolutely credible witnesses.

And some of the things people have seen are quite spectacular.  For instance, their ships have been clocked traveling at speeds over 6,000 mph, and some of them have made right angle turns at 16,000 mph. That seems impossible!  And who can explain the crop rings? Some have suggested that they seem to be putting on a show for us, to get us to take notice of them and believe in them.


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