Will Aliens Soon Abduct All Living Christians?



That will be one explanation to all the Christian disappearances at the rapture. But we who are Christian know what will really happen. Jesus will snatch us up and bring us to heaven to the Father.

We have been postulating what the world would be saying after the rapture occurs—that is, what explanations they would give for all the disappearances. We have discussed the New Age Theory—and that I think is the main one. But in conjunction with that is the Alien theory.

 Here are four reasons why the Alien theory would be considered by the world as a possible explanation for all the Christian disappearances at the time of the Rapture.

 1. The world’s population, especially over the last few decades, have acquired a great interest in aliens and UFO’s. According to Chuck Missler, there have been over 6,000 English, professional publications that deal with UFO’s and aliens, and over 2,200 foreign publications. Also, 57% of Americans now believe in UFO’s and 15% believe they have seen UFO’s.41

Hollywood has also made a big contribution to our interest in this subject. It seems that there is always a new alien, or some kind of extraterrestrial movie on the screens. When I Googled “List of alien movies from 1950 to present,” in Wikipedia it gave me a list of about 550 movies—but that list is incomplete; I’m sure there are far more extraterrestrial movies.42

I want to also mention that people’s interest isn’t only for entertainment. As I mentioned above, 57% of Americans believe that UFO’s are real, and some are quite concerned about them. The brilliant Stephen Hawking “…fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants.”43   And there are many other educated people who have the same concerns, saying that the threat of aliens should be taken seriously.

2. Alien abductions provide the means of the disappearances. The abduction aspect of this topic is particularly important because it gives us the very means by which people will give as the explanation for the disappearances. And so, I don’t think it is a coincidence that most alien movies and books have abductions as the primary theme.

But beyond the movies, we are faced with the grim question of whether aliens (or demons) have, or are, actually abducting people. I was surprised to hear that, according to Chuck Missler, 1-3% of Americans claim to have an abduction experience—that calculates to be about 3-10 million people!

I’m sure there are many different stories that people have, but from what I have heard, the main thing that goes on during these abductions is sexual experimentation. Many have suggested that they are now trying to do as the fallen angels did in Genesis 6:1-4; that is, to breed with man and thus to make a super-race. They are called in Genesis the Nephilim (in the Greek, giants).

These evil Nephilim were not only on the earth before the flood, but as verse 4 indicates, they also came “afterword.” And this is substantiated by the fact that after the Jewish exodus, when they went to spy out the land that God had promised them, they found that there were Nephilim there (Num. 13:25-33). Many of these wicked giants were killed, but some remained. As we know, there were still giants in the land during the time of David—Goliath and his buddies.

Have all the Nephilim been killed? Some say that there is still some around. And since many believe that there has been abductions, have they been successful at making alien half-breeds—even if they are not giants? Well we really don’t know, and I don’t want to digress into this too far. Any thoughts I have on this topic are mere speculation and not worthy of our time.

3. If aliens are really demons, that would help to explain a lot of things. It would explain why they appear to travel and make right angle turns at such high speeds. It is because demons are spirits and they exist in another realm. Apparently they can do things in their spiritual realm that we can’t do in ours. And the reason why some have seen them materialize and dematerialize without a trace is maybe because they are going in and out of their spirit realm. This would also explain how they have been able to make such long trips here from their planet so quickly. It is because they are not even one mile away. They are right here, just in another realm, a spirit realm.

But there is also a big problem with the idea of aliens being demons. If they are invisible spirits, have they been able to or will they be able to abduct humans and breed with them?  That would work if they could first materialize into another human; but I don’t think they can. We don’t see it in the bible. They can possess humans, but I’m not sure that would help to get a true half-breed—part demon, part human. Some have suggested that they can and will be able to materialize into a creature other than a human; for in Revelation 16:13 it is apparent that three demons will be able to materialize into frog-like creatures. But these are things that we really don’t know that much about. Our guesses will have to remain guesses.

4. The alien theory is linked to the New Age theory. I would say that the New Age theory is dependent on the alien theory. In fact, I think all serious minded New Agers would admit that they channel spirit guides (aliens or demons); hence, they regard them as their teachers and guides. Also, I think most New Agers would say that they are dependent on aliens to abduct, or to somehow get rid of the “unfit” ones. So it seems that the aliens (demons) are both guides and servants to New Agers. Thus after the rapture, I think the world will regard these two groups as one; hence, their unity will serve to strengthen a valid explanation of the disappearances.


41 Chuck Missler, “Return of the Nephilim_ UFO’s_ Aliens & the Bible,” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Itl5ChyCs.

42 Wikipedia, “List of films featuring extraterrestrials,” at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_featuring_extraterrestrials.

43 Calla Cofield, “Stephen Hawking: Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity, But Lets Search Anyway,” at https://www.space.com/29999-stephen-hawking-intelligent-alien-life-danger.html.


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