The Parallel Dimension Theory: An Explanation for Christian Disappearances



In my last few blogs I have been writing about what explanation left behind earthlings will give for all the Christian disappearances (of the rapture).

This parallel dimension theory can be simply stated as this: the missing people disappeared into a parallel dimension. Though this theory may not be as popular as the New Age theory or the alien theory, there are some reasons why it may be considered. Here are a few:

 1. This explanation will be considered highly if linked to the New Age theory. In fact, I think all New Agers would gladly welcome it as a teaching that goes like this: Mother Nature, as it happened, guided all the unfit ones into a special holding place—another dimension—to be held there forever, or until they are re-educated and declared fit to come back into the New world.

2. There is a growing number of stories, told by the people that have vanished, that have given this theory some popularity. Where people have disappeared and not returned, we have no way of knowing what happed to them. But there are a few stories that were told by the actual people that were swept away, because they came back to tell about it!

One of the most eerie stories recorded in Fate Magazine, is of a woman who got on a crowded elevator in a music store; and when she stepped off the elevator to the floor she supposed she was at, she suddenly realized that she was no longer in the music store, but was in a crowded train station. She also soon discovered that she was not in Chicago, and it was in summer rather than in the fall. There are many other remarkable details about this story, but the point of it is that the woman, somehow, apparently shifted into a different reality and was stuck there for several hours.

So finally, after witnessing so many weird events, she closed her eyes in discouragement. And then, after being overcome by the sense of floating through space, she suddenly opened her eyes again and found that she was back in the music store in Chicago.44

Another similar story is of a couple and their four children who were traveling and decided to take a detour. Well, they came to a very interesting and quaint little town, which seemed to be of a different time; for the people were dressed in very odd, or old fashion clothes. Luckily, they were able to drive out of the place. And when they questioned the locals about it they said they knew of no such place. They also went back several times to try to rediscover the place, but couldn’t find it.45

There are many other similar stories that people have told that leave us wondering. The most probable idea is that these stories were just made up—to make a good story in a magazine. However, some people may believe them and believe that these people actually did drift into other dimensions.

3. Stories of people who vanished and did not come back. Besides those stories where people supposedly drifted into other dimensions, and survived to tell about it, there are also many stories told of people who did not come back. We don’t know where they went. I read of witnesses who saw people disappear right in front of them. Some vanished instantly and others faded away gradually. Of course, we don’t know if these stories are true, but I’m sure many people believe them.

Astonishingly, it has been reported that in the United States alone over 10,000,000 people turn up missing every year, and out of those 500,000 are never found.46 What happened to them?

We really don’t know, but some people have made a study of it, like David Paulides. In his book, Missing 411, he investigated 411 cases of missing persons and discovered that there are around 30 places in the world where most vanishings have occurred.47

Well this sounds very mysterious doesn’t it, and many are quite drawn to it.

4. Over the years the world has developed a great interest in this subject. Just like with UFO’s and aliens, there are more and more books, movies and TV shows that portray people drifting into other dimensions. One of my favorite shows is The Twilight Zone. Another is Star Trek. Some people really get hooked on this kind of stuff and actually believe it.

But, you know, it doesn’t really matter whether it is true or not. That is, what we are really trying to figure out is, what explanation people will give for the rapture disappearances. It is my guess that most people will go with the New Age theory, supplemented with either the alien theory or this theory as a way to explain exactly how people disappeared.


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3 Responses to The Parallel Dimension Theory: An Explanation for Christian Disappearances

  1. PolishExistentialTableau says:

    A fascinating post. I am skeptical, regarding all the missing people, but there are profoundly perplexing cases.

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