An Economic Collapse: Caused by the Rapture – 10 point Scenario


I have previously blogged about what I think will be the most immediate effects of the Rapture: airplane and automobile crashes, rioting and looting, and the emotional effects. Now I will begin to cover the more ongoing effect, which I will call collapses: economic, institutional and moral. We will begin with the more obvious and visible economic collapse.


Economic Collapse

There is no way we can know exactly what will happen economically in the world and in America, but we can be fairly certain that some parts of the world will be impacted more than others. Certainly, those nations that are more Christian will be greatly affected because more people will have disappeared. Also, those countries that have larger economies and that use more credit will be greatly affected.

My guess is that the United States will be affected by far the most. Beyond that, I can’t really guess how the rest of the world will be affected—except maybe for those smaller uncivilized and unchristian nations that are not reliant on any other county. They may not be affected at all.

Now as for how the economy will regress in the world, especially in those more economically developed nations, we will present here a ten point chronological scenario.

1. Personal and business loss. Imagine millions of terrible crashes happening all at exactly the same time, then hours and days later empty houses and stores (formerly owned by Christians) being looted. Imagine the shock and panic as people wonder what just happened and what will happen next. It will set the stage for the downslide of the economy.

Certainly, if someone isn’t able to step in to take over the mortgage payments of disappearing homeowners, mortgage companies will be severely crippled and many may go out of business. Likewise, when owners of crashed vehicles can no longer pay banks for vehicle payments, it will become a huge strain on the banks. And when business owners disappear, their bills obviously won’t get paid, nor will their employees—unless a left behind co-owner or a friend steps in to take over the business. Thus, because of the Rapture, many will go without pay.

2. Tax revenue loss. Due to millions of disappearances, think of all the tax dollars that won’t be coming into government coffers. If the governments of the world have been counting on that needed revenue, think of the disorder and instability that will create. And think of all the roads and bridges, etc., that will have to do without maintenance and repair.

3. Hoarding of necessities. When people realize what is happening in the world: that soon there may be a shortage of gas, food, and necessities, and that inflation may be just around the corner, many will buy all they can and secretly hoard much more than they need for a long time. Here is where those who think ahead and who can afford it will benefit the most; and those who don’t think of storing up, or are too lazy to do it, will be left without. And when inflation hits they won’t be able to afford what they need. I imagine that many of the poor and misinformed will turn to robbery and looting just to stay alive.

4. Collapse of the insurance industry. Many millions of people, worldwide, will, no doubt, file insurance claims over their losses due to the Rapture. Some experts predict they will be seeking in the trillions of dollars in benefits, far more than insurance companies will be able to pay. Thus most insurance companies will be on the brink of bankruptcy and many will go out of business. This will lead to insurance lawsuits and eventually to a total collapse of the insurance industry.48

5. Stock market crash. Since collapsed insurance companies are tied to banks and major corporations, experts say that there will be a huge drop in stock markets and will result in a stock market crash. Consequently, all trading will be suspended.49

 The following six points to be continued on my next blog post:  

  1. Bank freeze.
  2. Unemployment.
  3. Unemployment insurance companies will go bankrupt.
  4. Inflation.
  5. The dollar collapse.


48 Rick Reinckens II, B.A., J.D., Attorney at Law, “the Post-Rapture Economic Collapse,” at

49 Ibid.


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  1. ACountryBoy says:

    We need to be sure not to be left behind.

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