The Moral Collapse of Education in these Last Days


In the last few decades schools and colleges have been more liberal than we ever thought possible. Student text books, and what teaches have chosen to emphasis in their teaching, has become more and more worldly and inclusive of every evil thing. Teachers are refusing to teach Christian philosophy and instead are teaching the evil things of the world. It seems as if teachers think that their students will not get a complete education unless all the worldly, evil things are taught.

For example, most or our public schools are now requiring fifth and sixth graders to take sex education classes. And in most cases these very impressionable children are exposed to every kind of sexual perversion imaginable. It’s as if teachers are being extra careful that their students won’t miss out on anything—any pleasure. Also, I think teachers don’t want their students to be misinformed as to who they really are. That is, if, they say, for example, they are (were born) homosexual, they need to be exposed to it, to be taught how to be a true homosexual, without being ashamed of it. But in reality most sex education in schools is controlled by the devil; his goal is to ruin every young life.

As students get older they will also be exposed to many non-Christian religions and philosophies, and very evil things, such the occult, the New Age, and Satanism—all which teachers say will help to round out the student’s education.

For now, thank God, not all schools and colleges are as evil as we have thus described. There are many private and home schools, and even some public schools that are very good. But I think that as soon as the Rapture occurs, and all believers are gone, this will all change. Since Christian influence and Christian teachers and principals will be gone, the entire educational institution will undergo a moral collapse and will contribute in a very big way to the moral collapse of humanity.



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I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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2 Responses to The Moral Collapse of Education in these Last Days

  1. JJSJ says:

    And what you describe about public schools is also making its way into churches (under the guise of being “inclusive”, “affirming”, “loving”, “accepting”, “open”, etc.), many of which churches claim to be “evangelical” (e.g., SBC’s “Revoice” movement). Jude’s epistle was not exaggerating when it described the pollution of churches in the last days.

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