8 Reasons Why the European Union Will Become the Revived Roman Empire


There is clear evidence that the European Union will be the Revived Roman Empire. We will cover five of those reason in this blog and save the next three for next time.


 1. The EU has the dimensions of an empire and are filling out the area of the old Roman Empire. Jose’ Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission said, “Sometimes I like to compare the EU, the European Union, to the organization of an empire. We have a dimension of an empire.”4

Indeed, the EU is looking more and more like the old Roman Empire. They presently have 28 countries enlisted, and many other countries are applying to join. They have the goal of enlisting 50 countries, including North African countries, North and South America, and Israel. Yes, we, America, and Israel, are on the list! They plan to take over the world.

2. The EU has a power structure that will be required to unite and control the world. The EU has a federalist ideology much like the United States, in that their government has a power structure that is divided between a central authority and individual units. However, though these two power structures may look similar, there are glaring differences. Unlike the Unites States, the EU is undemocratic, and most of the power is in the center.

One author, Erika Grey, wrote, “Some Eastern Bloc countries that are members of the EU have compared the workings of the EU to the former Soviet Union, in part due to the secretive nature of some meetings.”5

Indeed, I would say that it would be very easy for the EU to give way to dictatorship—which will have to happen when the antichrist comes along. Likewise, their federalist power structure is and will make it very easy to unite the globe under one central authority, and also to eventually set up ten main divisions of power, as we know will happen according to Scripture (Dan. 2:41-42; 7:24; Rev. 17:12).

3. The EU is working to control its people. The EU us using devious methods to prepare its people to be controlled by a central leader. They are working to make nation states less autonomous, less powerful by ridding the nations of national symbols in order to make the people look to the EU rather than their own countries. And on a deeper level, they are working to dumb down the young people by erasing their national histories and rewriting history, thus making them more and more ignorant of their past—their heritage. They do this all for the devious purpose of mind control, hence to prepare them to obey without question the coming world dictator. But they do it, I think, without fully knowing what they are doing; for the devil is controlling them all. It is all the devils work.

4. The EU’s stated goal is to unite the world in peace. The leaders of the EU have stated that the reason they want the countries of Europe to merge together is to avoid any more wars. Their idea is that if all European countries merge together, they won’t wage war against each other. Moreover, it is their federalist goal that they will act as the cornerstone for uniting the globe in peace.

5. The EU has big plans for Israel. Israel is definitely one of those nation that the EU has on their list to join them. And they will be offering them free trade, protection, and peace. In fact, in the coming years, it will happen that the EU’s leader, the Antichrist, will offer Israel a great deal—seven years of peace; but in the middle of those years he will break that deal and will try to destroy them (Dan. 9:27).

Next time we will look at these three reasons:

6. The EU’s conflicts of authority—dealing with the feet of iron and clay.

7. The EU is moving closer to a ten nation federation.

8. The EU’s Catholic history.


4 Nathan Jones, “The Sign of the European Union: Reviving an Empire,” at http://christinprophecyblog.org/2013/11/the-sign-of-the-european-union-reviving-an-empire/

5 Erika grey, “40 Reasons Why European Union is Revived Roman Empire of Bible Prophecy,” at http://erikagrey.com/index.php/2017/10/21/40-reasons-why-european-union-is-revived-roman-empire-of-bible-prophecy.html.


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