The New Harlot Religion: When will it Begin?


I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that false teachers and teaching are already here. But these days are just a prelude to the harlot system written about in Revelation, as I have covered in my last blog, Prelude to the New Global Religion. Yes, these days, and even many days after the rapture, will be used as a preparation for what is to come, that is, to set up the new harlot system.  And so that possess the question: just when will that new false harlot religion begin?

Well, just as with the beginning of any new organization, the timing of its start is important.  You don’t want to start it too soon or delay it too long. Everything must be in place and you must be sure of its success. This is true of the start of any church or religious group and it is certainly true of Satan’s new false religion.

So when will it be ready? When will it start? Well, no one really knows, but I have some ideas. I have come up with six factors that I think will contribute to its beginning.


Six Factors That I Think Will Contribute to the

Official Start of the New Global Harlot Religion


1. I think it will begin just after the Ezekiel 39 and 39 war. I say this mainly because this war will kill off most of the Islamic invaders on Israel. Thus, with radical Islam removed from the earth, this will conveniently pave the way for a new world order, which includes a new world religion (I am assuming here that this war will occur before the Tribulation).

For, as we know, the Islamic religion, much like Christianity, holds to the worship of one God—and they are radical about it. They would not tolerate the new Babylonian-like religion that would be forced upon them by the Antichrist. Hence, this is why, I think, just as it will be necessary for the church to disappear in the Rapture, it will  also be necessary for radical Islam to be killed off on the  mountains of Israel (Ezek. 38:8-23).

Furthermore, Israel’s victory (really God’s victory) against these Islamic forces (plus Russia), may nevertheless convince the world that the new leader (the Antichrist) wants peace. For a he somehow may take credit for Israel’s victory and will use his new found fame to make a seven-year peace deal with Israel.

Note that in all these ideas (in these six points) I am saying “I think,” which means that I am not one hundred percent sure. It could all be different. However, I hope that with these ideas I will make you think about these things, and in your thoughts will come to the conclusion that the hour of His coming is near.

2. I think the new religion will begin as soon as the harlot and the beast discover that they can work together. In Revelation 17:3 and 6, we read that the harlot (the false religious system) rides the beast (the Antichrist) like one rides a horse. In one respect the harlot will have power over the beast in that she is directing him; but yet, in another respect the beast is the one that carries the harlot, thus she can go nowhere without him. Thus the harlot and the beast will be constantly struggling against each other and using each other; but at the same time, when they figure out how they can work together, even while struggling, this is when the new religion will begin.

This is all for now. I will finish this study in my next blog–points 3 through 6.



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