Six Factors That Will Contribute To the Official Start of the New Global Religion – Part 2


I wrote last time, “I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that false teachers and teaching are already here. But these days are just a prelude to the harlot system written about in Revelation… these days, and even many days after the rapture, will be used as a preparation for what is to come, that is, to set up the new harlot system.  And so that possess the question: just when will that new false harlot religion begin?”

In my last blog I gave the following two points on when I think the new global religion will begin:

  1. I think it will begin just after the Ezekiel 39 and 39 war.
  2. I think the new religion will begin as soon as the harlot and the beast discover that they can work together.

Here are the last four factors:

 3. I think the new religion will begin as soon as its system, with all its rituals, are in place. The new religious system, called the harlot, I think will be orchestrated mainly by the leaders of the EU. When their evil Babylonian system, with all its evil rituals, are in place—ready to influence and deceive the world—then and only then will it start.

 4. I think it will begin as soon as all nations and all religions are united and committed to the new world religion. Revelation 17:1 tells us that the great harlot “sits on many waters.” Here “many water” means many nations. So it means that the harlot will be in domination over all the nations of the earth, with all its different religions. Thus since we know that this domination will occur, we must conclude that the new system cannot start until all nations and all religions are ready and willing to come together and give into the harlot. We don’t know exactly how this willingness will occur, but we may conclude that it will be either by force or by allurement—or by a combination of the two.

Then there is the question of how this unity will be possible. I mean, how will it be possible for all religions of the world to unite together as one? The only answer I suggest is that the power of Satan will make it happen.

 5. I think it will start as soon as all world leaders and all people are absorbed into it. Revelation 17:2 says “With whom the kings of the earth committed acts of immorality, and those who dwell on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her immorality.” As wine and sexual immorality implies here, all the world’s leaders and people will be drugged and addicted by the influence of the harlot. Thus they will be attracted by and absorbed into this new religion.

When this drawing of all people begins to happen, the leaders of the harlot system will see it and will know that its official start is imminent.

6. I think the new world religion will officially start with the commencement of three other major event: (1) the reunification of the Roman Empire with its ten nation confederacy; (2) the signing of a seven-year peace covenant with Israel; and (3) with a new Jewish temple.

For years, leading up to this point, there will be a huge buildup of evil; and here, at this exact point of time, with these other important events, and with a grand announcement, the new religion will officially start. I think this moment will be seen by the world as a great and wonderful time in history, a time of new beginnings. But, as we know, the seven year Tribulation will be right around the corner.




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