The Origin of Babylonian Religion

I have been studying and writing about the future false religious system, which will take over the world sometime after the rapture of the church. It is described in the bible, in Revelation 17 and 18, as the great harlot, the woman, and Mystery Babylon the Great. It is that religious system that will at first team up with the Antichrist and will have as its goal to deceive all the world and to martyr any and all Christians.

In order to understand this false system it is necessary to take a good look at ancient Babylon, for the future false religion will have its roots in this ancient Babylonian religion. As you may know, Babylon began with Nimrod at the tower of Babel.

Nimrod and the beginnings of Babylon. Nimrod was a grandson of Ham. You remember Ham. He was one of the sons of Noah, the one that exposed Noah’s shame and then rebelled against God. Well Nimrod was a rebel just like his grandfather, or maybe worse. Instead of obeying God’s command to spread out and multiply, he gathered like-minded people around him, and they proceeded to build a city and a huge tower. This tower, we suppose, was a temple or a rally center for his followers.  They called the city and tower Bab-El, which means, “the gate of God.” However, after God came down to them and in his judgment confused their language (apparently, He divided the common language of the people into many different languages), the people were forced to stop building the city and the tower and were scattered over the face of the earth. Thus from then on the city and the tower was called Babel, or Babylon, meaning confusion.

Semiramis and Tammuz, the beginning of the Babylonian religion. According to legends, the evil Babylonian mystery religion began through Nimrod’s wife Semiramis, probably during the initial stages of the building of the city and the tower. In fact, this new religion may be one of the things that helped to unify the people, and thus, to keep the building project going.

As the stories go, while Nimrod was at war and was gathering his followers, he came into a house of prostitution one day, and there he met Semiramis who was the keeper of the house. During the early stages of their relationship Nimrod’s power was the most dominant, but as his new wife began to conjure up her new religion, and as the people were drawn to it, she was clearly more influential and powerful.

The new religion she invented was a corruption of the true creation story. With the devil’s help, she rewrote the story making Satan the Lord of the universe and the serpent the creator of men and the promiser that a child would be born of a divine virgin mother (herself).

Well, what do you know; Semiramis bore a son Tammuz, and she lied and said that she bore him as a virgin, which would make her the promised virgin mother and Tammuz the promised child and divine Savior. She also said that Tammuz was conceived by the sun god.

Furthermore, since Satan was to be the Lord of the universe, Semiramis declared that he and all the fallen angels were to be worshiped by proxy through emperors, priests, idols, and goddesses. Thus began the practice of idol worship. .

Now if you want to know how the story of Semiramis ends (according to the legends), here is the short version. Since it seemed that the queen Semiramis bore Nimrod an illegitimate son—for she apparently was still a prostitute—he threatened to dethrone her. However, the queen would not allow it, and she devised a plot to kill him. She not only brutally had him killed, she also installed her son Tammuz as the new king, but she shrewdly appointed herself as the regent ruler for the next 42 years. When Tammuz got tired of waiting and demanded to be installed as king, his mother conspired to kill him in the same brutal way she killed Nimrod. Fortunately for Tammuz, he got wind of the plot and slayed his mother with his own sword.



Babylonian Religion, by Harry A. Ironside

Semiramis, Queen of Babylon, by Bryce Self

Worship of the Virgin, the Queen of Heaven, By Loren Davis





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