Five Things That Will Lead to the Peace Covenant with Israel — Daniel 9:27


After the Rapture the next major prophetical event is the 7-year Tribulation. And we know exactly when that will begin. It will begin when the Antichrist signs a covenant of peace with Israel; for this covenant is “a firm covenant with the many for one week” (Dan. 9:27). “The many” is Israel, and the “one week” is seven years. And interestingly, that 7-year covenant of peace turns out to be the terrible 7-year Tribulation.

Now since this peace covenant (together with the Tribulation) is the next major world event after the Rapture, there must be some crucial world occurrence following the rapture to convince the world to establish peace—particularly a peace with Israel. Though Satan and the Antichrist will have no intention of seeing it through (Dan. 9:27b), they must convince the world of their supposed good intentions.

Hence, Satan (with God’s allowance) must move the world to the peace table. How will he do it? By deception. He will deceive the people of the world into believing that all the world’s leaders are interested in real peace—though they are not.

Here are five things that Satan is planning that will support and lead to the peace covenant with Israel.


Five Things That Will Lead to the Peace Covenant

1. The perceived unity of the European Union. The power structure of the E. U., with the world united under one central authority, and also with ten main divisions of power, will appear to the world to be a sign of unity and peace.

2. The E. U. will offer Israel a great deal. In addition to asking Israel to join them, they (mainly the Antichrist) will promise them free trade, protection, and an unconditional seven years of peace.

3. Religious unity. Soon after the Rapture there will be a unification of all religions. We don’t know exactly how it will come about, but it is my guess that it will happen through a combination of satanic allurement and by force. But regardless of the evil methods used, the world, by deception, will approve of the new religious unity.

4. The perceived unity of the harlot (the false religious system) and the beast (the Antichrist). Though the harlot and the beast will hate each other, and the beast will eventually destroy the harlot, they will see the benefits of working together to achieve their evil purposes. Indeed, the beast will deceitfully encourage all people to follow the teachings of the harlot, and the harlot will likewise encourage people to obey the beast. Thus, this perceived unity will be a great sign of peace for the world and will be a great endorsement for the signing of the peace covenant with Israel.

 5. The perceived good character of the Antichrist. After the Rapture, when the world is in turmoil, the leader of the E. U. (Antichrist) will do everything possible to convince the world that He wants peace, and that if they will trust him he will bring it to them. His perceived unity with the world religious leaders, along with his military exploits, will be explained as having the goal of peace; and the world will be fooled into believing him.


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