Timeline for the Construction of the Third Temple


Recently I have been hard at work gathering information on the third Jewish temple: on how far along plans are, and what is the thinking as far as when construction will begin. I am doing this not just for this blog but for the book I am presently working on. Well sometimes when we get so bogged down in our study we need a point of reference—context. So this is what I have done here. It is a suggested five-point, chronological timeline of events leading to the building of the third temple. These point are not set in stone, but will help us to keep our mind straight as to how we think events will transpire.


1. Present temple interest is growing. Though most Jews in Israel are not very interested in the construction of a new temple, among those that are interested (about 35%), it seems that their interest is high and climbing.

2. The Rapture. Even though people all over the world are getting more and more excited about the temple, I really don’t think that construction will begin until after two major events transpire. The first of those events I think will be the Rapture of the church. Yes, I think this will be the next major world event, and nothing needs to happen before it. I hope you are ready.

3. The Ezekiel Invasion. Not long after the Rapture, it is my guess that this is when Russia and many Muslim countries will invade Israel, seeking to destroy her and take much plunder. But as we know, according to Scripture that is not what happens. Instead, God will destroy them and Israel will plunder them!

4.The rise of the Antichrist. After the Rapture and the Ezekiel invasion, the Antichrist will seek to take advantage of the tragic nature of these events. He will try to convince the world that the disappearances (both in the Rapture and in all that were killed in the Ezekiel war) will make the world better—more peaceful. He may even try to say that he had something to do with Israel’s victory.

Now, from the failed Ezekiel invasion until the signing of the peace covenant, there will be a duration of time of at least three and one-half years. This period of time, as I have indicated in the previous chapter, is necessary in order to allow for the seven years that it will take to burn the enemies’ weapons (Ezek. 39:9).

During this time (which may be longer than three and one-half years) the world will be desperately seeking answers, and leaders will be working feverishly to set up a global government and a new global religion. Moreover, at some point they will install a great man of peace over them—which will be the Antichrist. He will be the leader and prime mover in all things global. But at the same time he will be leading the effort to plan and build the third temple. Yes, he will have a great interest in the temple.

5. The Peace Covenant is signed and the construction of the temple begins. I suppose the building of the temple could begin before the signing of the covenant, but waiting until the peace covenant is signed makes good sense. It will be a package deal that will help to reinforce both the validity of the seven year covenant and the promise to finish the temple without Muslim interference.



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