Progress of the Third Temple — Part One


Both of the major organizations that are now dedicated to building the Temple (the Temple Institute and the Temple Mount Faith Movement) have only been in operation for thirty-two years (since 1987), yet, as you will see, they have made tremendous strides. According to them, they have the direct command of God to build the Temple and to make the Temple vessels. And they also have been guided by ancient, Jewish Torah scholars known as the Maimonides.9

The building of the Temple really can’t be compared to any other building project. There is so much that goes into it, and so much detail that has to be followed according to biblical specifications. Eventually, we will discuss the progress of the Temple in the following six parts; in this blog we will cover the first three parts


Temple Research and Restoration

These departments are of primary importance for the Temple structure as well as for making the vessels and garments according to God’s orders set out in the Scriptures. The research is performed by a team of dedicated and highly trained rabbis, scholars, and scientists in various fields. The conclusions of the research are then transferred to the restoration department where architects, carpenters, craftsmen, artists, and others go about the meticulous work of making all of the things in the Temple. It is a work that continues to this day.


Temple Education and Promotion

These departments are vital for the progress of the Temple for at least three reasons: to educate the public on why the temple is necessary—focusing mainly on the spiritual implications; to raise awareness and excitement of the ongoing Temple construction, and; to raise money and support for the unending costs.

In my research I found the following  ways Temple education and promotion have been accomplished:

  • Through conferences, mainly to stimulate excitement.
  • Through seminars, to provide an instructive atmosphere.
  • Through videos, which are an important tool to reach probably millions of people.
  • Through publications, in the form of pamphlets, magazines and books.
  • Through demonstrations, in the form of parades, banners and signs, and speeches. The Temple Mount Faith Movement has been the most known for this activity. They began mostly as a protest movement (for being denied access to the Temple Mount), but unlike other radical movements, they have remained relatively peaceful and have operated within Israeli law.10 In recent years this movement has been less of a demonstration group and now focuses more on restoration for the Temple. It also has close ties with Christian groups, mainly from the United States.11
  • Through museums. The Temple Institute runs a museum in the Old City of Jerusalem, which is called Treasures of the Temple. There, many of the remade Temple vessels are exhibited (behind glass).12 I would love to go there and see them!
  • Through a Third Temple coin. About two years ago from this writing, the Sanhedrin and the Temple Education Center minted a commemorative medallion with an image of President Trump and King Cyrus on one side and an image of the Third Temple on the other side. So far the coin has been a great success around the world, not only for the money it has produced, but also because of its advertisement of the Temple.13


Spiritual Development

The spiritual development of the Temple is of primary importance; for without it the entire purpose for the Temple would be lost. Therefore, rabbis and spiritual leaders are taking great care to develop a spiritual desire for the Temple and to pray for the Temple.

Since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, religious Jews have established a tradition of prayer three times a day. They call it Amidah prayer. The prayer is rather long—nineteen point. Points 15, and 17 have to do with the Temple. Point 15 asks God to bring the descendant of King David who will be the messiah. And point 17 is asking God to restore the Temple services and the sacrificial services.14

Now it is my guess that only a few Jews pray this long prayer three times a day. But if they forget or are lazy, the Tempe Institute has recently released a series of videos encouraging Jews to hope for the building of the Third Temple. One of the titles is “The Children are Ready,” which is expressing the fact that they should be ready to see the Temple built.15


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