Third Temple Obstacles: The Muslims


Though there has been great progress with the Temple and its vessels in the last few decades, there are still many obstacles that need to be solved or overcome before the Temple can be completed and before Temple worship can be resumed. In the next three post we will  consider six Third Temple obstacles. In this post we will focus on the Muslims.

By far the greatest obstacle in constructing the Third Temple is the Muslims. And the most visible indication of this is the fact that there are two historic Muslim domes, the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, sitting on top of the Temple Mount, the very place where the Third Temple must be built. So how will the Jews remedy this? Here are three possibilities:

  • Those Islamic structures will be destroyed in God’s time by an act of God: an earthquake, or a tornado, etc.
  • The structures will be destroyed by war. Though the Ezekiel war (Ezek. 38-39) does not mention the structures, I think that this would be an opportune time for the Jews to destroy them. In fact, the costly materials of the domes may be part of the plunder mentioned in Ezekiel 39:10.
  • The present situation will be remedied by some political action. Who can say what this might be, but there are those who suggest that a great leader, likely the Antichrist will come up with a solution that all will agree on.

In the meantime, before something is done with the Muslim Domes, the Jews must put up with both the Israeli police and the Muslim authorities who are constantly guarding the Temple Mount. For all Jews are banned from praying on the site; and if they wish to visit the site they are only allowed to enter through one gate; and any religious items such as prayer books are not allowed.

In addition, any talk of the reconstruction of the Temple, as one source said, “Sends the Muslim world into a frenzy.”28  In fact, history shows us that Muslims are quite willing to start riots over the slightest infraction of their rules. What can be done?  So far the Israeli police are trying to keep the peace, but are doing nothing for the Jewish side—to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. We will just have to wait and see what happens next.

28 Stewart Weiss, “In Plain Language: Talking temple,” at

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