Will Donald Trump help the Jews build the Third Temple?


So far it seems that Donald Trump has not shown much interest in building the Third Temple—that is, as far as we know. I guess it is understandable that he would show caution in Temple building, since it certainly would stir up tempers among the Muslims. Moving the US Embassy is one thing, but the Temple is a whole nother ball game.

We know that the unofficial Sanhedrin sent a letter to both President Trump and President Putin asking for their help in building the Temple.34  Hence, it appears that even if Trump isn’t showing much interest, certain Orthodox Jews are not reluctant to reach out to ask for help. And it shows that they are quite desperate to ask Putin for help. I’m surprised! Why would they do that? Well, I guess this shows how gullible they are, and it also tells us that we should not be shocked when they allow the Antichrist to seduce them and offer a peace treaty with them. Certainly they will not know who he (the Antichrist) is, but is tells us that they will have no power of discernment. They will be completely fooled (and I am not suggesting that Putin is the Antichrist, but we know that he is evil to the core).

Recently, in February, 2018, the Sanhedrin and the Temple Education Center minted a coin, a commemorative medallion, showing the image of Donald Trump and King Cyrus on one side and the image of the Third Temple on the other side. The purpose of the coin is obviously to enlist global support for the Temple, but also to entice Donald Trump to get on board with it, and to show to him and to the world that he, like Cyrus, has been called to build the Temple.35

I imagine that this coin (which has now been distributed and sold all over the world) has become a great embarrassment to President Trump. Or maybe not. Maybe he is loving the attention. Certainly it is a great temptation to his pride—thinking that he, like Cyrus, would be used to build the Temple. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Some suggest strongly that the Antichrist will help the Jews build the Temple. And this sounds right to me. It is logical that the peace plan and the building of the Third Temple are tied together—that the peace plan will guarantee the building of the Temple on the Temple Mount. With that being said, since Donald Trump doesn’t fit the description of the Antichrist (according to Scripture), we really can’t consider him for the job. However, I think he may be involved somehow. And maybe Putin will too!


34 The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project, “Will the Third Temple Be Rebuilt During Trump’s Administration?” at https://free.messianicbible.com/feature/will-third-temple-rebuilt-trumps-administration/.

35 Adam Eliyaha Berkowitz, “Global Support for Third Temple Coin.”

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