The Second Trumpet — Revelation 8:8-9

When John saw the second angel sound his trumpet something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea (into the oceans and all the salt water bodies); and a third of the sea became blood, and a third of the sea creatures died; and a third of the ships that were on the sea were destroyed.

What was the mountain? The bible says “something like” a mountain was thrown into the sea; 4and it was burning with fire. So we don’t know exactly what John saw, but it looked kind of like a burning mountain. And that means that it was very big. Most commentators say that it will probably be a meteor or an asteroid. But Hal Lindsey, again, thinks it will likely be an H-bomb. He states that a hydrogen bomb that explodes in the ocean “would look like a huge, flaming mountain smashing into the sea.”

The sea became blood and a third of the sea creatures died. This statement is interesting because of the order of what will happen. First the sea becomes blood, then the sea creatures die. It almost seems like whatever causes the sea to become blood will result in the death of the sea creatures. It is my guess that the burning mountain (whatever it is) will kill off all the billions of microorganisms in the water, thus poisoning the water and turning it red (or into blood). And that is what causes the sea creatures to die.

A third of the ships are destroyed. The impact of whatever is thrown into the sea will no doubt cause a great tidal wave that will destroy one-third of the world’s ships.

The combined result of destruction up until this point. The massive reduction of marine life, as well as a great loss of the merchant ships that deliver our food supply, will be very problematic. But when you couple this loss with a third of the loss of all vegetation (from the first trumpet), as well as the great famine from the fourth seal, this combined loss will bring famine to the world on an unbelievable scale. But there is even more loss to come.

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