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What Happens At the Midpoint of the Tribulation? 10 Events

  There is so much that will happen at the midpoint of the Tribulation, all of which will follow after God removes the Antichrist’s restraints and he breaks the 7-year covenant. We will examine ten of those things. In this … Continue reading

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The Man of Peace — False Peace

  In the time frame from the Rapture to the Tribulation, the man who will soon be revealed as the Antichrist, will do everything possible to convince the world that he will bring peace to the world; for he will … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Second Coming Will Be Sudden and Unexpected for most People

  Though Jesus’ coming will be preceded by many signs, His coming will be sudden and unexpected, especially by those who are unbelieving and mockers.  Jesus has given us many signs of His coming (Matt. 24:3-14). When Jesus was asked … Continue reading

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