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Does the Bible Say Anything about the Green New Deal?

  Yes and No. Yes, there will be a Green New Deal, but it won’t be made from man; it will be created from the Lord Jesus Christ. He will give us a great Green New Deal for 1,000 years … Continue reading

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3 Reason Why There Needs To Be A Gap of Time between the Rapture and the Tribulation

  As the world slowly faces the reality of the immediate effects of the Rapture, and as those left behind are still trying to figure out what happened, key leaders of key countries will begin to organize global summits in … Continue reading

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The Mid-Tribulation Rapture Theory, Followed by My Refutation – Part 1

  The mid-Tribulation rapture theory was developed chiefly by Norman B. Harrison shortly after WWII. The main distinctive of this theory is that the rapture does not occur until the mid-point of Daniel’s seventieth week. They teach that the church … Continue reading

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