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Why I Chose to Write a Book on the Rapture

  I began writing my first book in 1992. I finished that book—Prayer A to Z: A Comprehensive Bible-Based Study of Prayer—in 2014. So it took me 22 years. But it was a big book—735 pages (in small font). It … Continue reading

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The Coming Millennial Kingdom: A Book Summary

  Surprise! Here is another book I just finish. Actually, I wrote it at the same time as I wrote Biblical Evidence of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. This book is a bit shorter than the other book, consisting of an introduction … Continue reading

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  Here is my self-published book, which just came out a month ago. Anyone can buy it now at, and it will soon be available at and a few other stores.  You will find my description of the … Continue reading

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Arab & Israeli media provide inside details of President Sisi’s historic meeting with Evangelical Christian leaders in Cairo. Here’s a sampling of the coverage. — Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

(Cairo, Egypt) — The first stories on our Delegation are beginning to appear in Arab and Israeli media. A story on Egypt Today, the daily news website of an English-language monthly magazine, was headlined, Sisi meets delegation of U.S. Evangelical … Continue reading

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America in Bible Prophecy: Nine U.S. Presidents

  Bible prophecy has always been Israel-centered.  God has chosen Israel as His people; He has chosen Israel to carry out His will in the world; thus all Bible prophecy has to do with Israel. As we know, America is … Continue reading

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Will the Holy Spirit Tell Me the Future? – John 16:13

When I read this morning in John 16:13, “…He will disclose to you what is to come,” that made me sit up and take notice! It seemed to be saying to me (to us) that the Holy Spirit will speak … Continue reading

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Reactions to President Trump’s Speech Reveals a Divided Country and World

  In my opinion, President Trump made one of the best speeches of his life at the UN. It was incredibly bold, powerful, and brutally true. He held nothing back.  He tore into North Korea as a brutal dictatorship; he … Continue reading

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