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Writing A Book: After the Rapture

  I’m starting on a new book, which I will entitle, After the Rapture. I’ve been working on it now for about three or four month. So far I’ve done quite a lot of research, I have an outline, and … Continue reading

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The Pre-Tribulation Rapture: 19 Reasons Why It Is the Correct View – Part 5

  Here are four more important reasons for a pre-Tribulation rapture—points 11 through 14. 11. Important events for the church must transpire in heaven before the Second Advent of Christ. Two important events, the judgment seat of Christ (2 Cor. … Continue reading

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Better Pleasures — Now and Forever

  It seems that we are always, constantly seeking pleasure. We are seeking to be delighted and satisfied through pleasure—whether it is the pleasure of good, tasty food, the delights of the eye as we look at beauty, or maybe … Continue reading

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What Will Our New Heavenly Relationship With God Be Like?

  Certainly every believer has a relationship with God through Christ; however, when the believer is glorified and is given entrance into heaven, a new improved and glorious relationship with Him begins. This new relationship will definitely be the highpoint … Continue reading

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A Bride Adorned for Her Husband — Revelation 21:2

An important part of the descent of the holy city is the imagery it provides. John views the city as “coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband” (Rev. 21:2).  John MacArthur … Continue reading

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The Distinctive of the Church: 5 Features of the Church

We have been showing the distinctiveness of each group—Israel and the church, and why they cannot be merged. In my last post we viewed the distinctive of Israel: Jewish people who are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Now … Continue reading

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