101 News/Prophecy Links



Arutz: A good news source from Israel
CBN: Christian Broadcasting Network
Compass International
David Dolan/News from Israel: David Dolan
Fox News
Global Jesus Christ Network
Global Jewish News Source
God’s News Behind the News: Dr. Joe Vankoevering
Haaretz: News from Israel
Isracast: A multimedia broadcast and distribution network
Israel Today
Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
Joel Rosenberg’s Blog
Koenig’s International News: Bill Koenig, excellent resource!
New York Times
Prophecy News Watch
Rapture Ready News
The Jerusalem Report
The Religion of Peace: News about Islam; updated terror
Worldview Weekend


According2Prophecy: Don Perkins, an excellent resource
Allan Walker Ministries: Allan Walker
Alpha News Daily
Amazing Bible/Prophecy Portal
Atlanta Prophecy Conference: Fritz Porter
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute: John Ankerberg, books and videos
Ariel Ministries: Dr. Arnold Fruhenbaum
Armageddon Books: Bible Prophecy Book Store
Because What’s Coming Matters: Mark Hitchcock
Bible Prophecy as Written
BibleProphecyBlog: News with comments
Blessings To Israel Ministries: Brian C Thomas
Bridges For Peace
Crown And Sickle Ministries: Don McGee
David Lewis Ministries: Dr. David Lewis
David Wilkerson: Times Square Church
Dr. Paul Benware: Dr. Paul Benware
Dr. Ray Brubaker: Dr. Ray Brubaker
Ergun Caner Ministries: Ergun Caner
Eternal Perspective Ministries: Randy Alcorn
GotRapture.com: Chris Schang
Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries: Grant Jeffrey
Hal Lindsey Ministries: Hal Lindsey
Hilton Sutton World Ministries: Dr. Hilton Sutton
Hope for Today: David Hocking
Jack Kinsella: Prophecy and News
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Jerry Robinson Ministries: Jerry Robinson
Jewish voice blog
Jews for Jesus
Joel Rosenberg: Joel Rosenberg
John G. Hall Ministries: Dr. John G. Hall
John McTernan’s Insights: Current events & eschatology blog, John McTernan
Koinonia House: Dr. Chuck Missler
Lamb Lion Ministries: Dr. David Reagan, prophecy articles and news
Lion of Judah Ministry: Gary Fisher
Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries: Al Gist
Mark Hitchcock.com: Dr. Mark Hitchcock
Messiah Revealed: Messianic Prophecies
Messianic Directory: Mark & Donna Smith
Midnight Call: Arno Froese
Olive Tree Ministries: Jan Markell
Pre-Trib Research Center: Dr Tommy Ice
Prophecy Central: Ron Graff
Prophecy Depot: Bill Salhus
Prophecy Today: Jimmy DeYoung
Prophecy Update: The latest news concerning Bible prophecy
Prophetic Witness Movement International
Prophezine: Ray Gano
Rapture Forums: Prophecy-related news & information
Rapture Ready: Prophecy-related news & information
Raven hill: Leonard Ravenhill
Revelation Files: John Terry’s prophecy news & info
Revelation Illustrated: Pat Smith
Shofar Communications: Jimmy De Young’s
The Berean Call
The Chosen People Ministries: Messiah to Jewish People
The End Time: Blog on Prophecy
The King Is Coming: Dr Ed Hindson
The Messianic Times
The Temple Mount Faithful: Gershon Salomon
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem: Many related links
The Omega Letter: Jack Kinsella
The Paul McGuire Show: Paul McGuire
The Rapture is Imminent: Hal Lindsey’s blog
The Thomas Ice collection: Thomas Ice
The Southwest Radio Church: Pastor Noah Hutchings
Tim LaHaye Ministries: Dr. Tim LaHaye
Tom McCall Ministries: Dr. Tom McCall
Tracking Bible Prophecy: An overview of eschatology
Treasured Truth Today Ministries: Ken Humphries
Understanding the Times International: Roger Oakland
Voice of Evangelism: Perry Stone
Warning 666 is Coming
World of the Bible Ministries: Dr. J. Randall Price
www.thethings2come.org: Calvary Chapel, Appleton, WI.
www.prophecywonk.com: Current events & prophecy 
Zola Levitt Ministries: Zola Levitt

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