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The Judgment of the Church at the Bema

  In this post, and in the upcoming posts, I will be attempting to convey what happens in heaven immediately following the Rapture of the church. We will focus on the two major events: the judgment of the church at … Continue reading

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How the Third Temple will Progress after the Rapture

  As much as I can discern, here is what will happen, regarding the third temple, after the Rapture.   1. The Muslims will be humbled It seems to me that shortly after the Rapture of the church is when … Continue reading

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The Christian View of the Third Temple

  The Old Testament Tabernacle and the following two Temples were definitely ordered by God to be a sanctuary for God, in order that He would dwell with His people the Jews (Ex. 25:8-9). Likewise, all of the articles in … Continue reading

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Timeline for the Construction of the Third Temple

  Recently I have been hard at work gathering information on the third Jewish temple: on how far along plans are, and what is the thinking as far as when construction will begin. I am doing this not just for … Continue reading

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  Here is my self-published book, which just came out a month ago. Anyone can buy it now at Lulu.com, and it will soon be available at Amazon.com and a few other stores.  You will find my description of the … Continue reading

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America in Bible Prophecy: Nine U.S. Presidents

  Bible prophecy has always been Israel-centered.  God has chosen Israel as His people; He has chosen Israel to carry out His will in the world; thus all Bible prophecy has to do with Israel. As we know, America is … Continue reading

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My New Book: Biblical Evidence of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

  I am happy to announce my new book, Biblical Evidence of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. It is a self-published book and will be ready for sale probably by January, or maybe sooner. The writing is completely finished, but now I … Continue reading

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The Clinton Non-Indictment: The Mystery of Lawlessness at Work

  We in the U.S. have seen today (7/5/2016) by our FBI’s non-indictment of Hilary Clinton, that lawlessness is definitely at work in our nation. We have seen for months now by the former Secretary’s carelessness with her e-mails and … Continue reading

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First and Second Thessalonians: Prophetic Benchmarks

  I want to say something about the significance of the early dates of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. They are indeed the first letters that Paul wrote (in 51 and 52 A. D.) and may be the earliest of all … Continue reading

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Paris Climate Change Conference: Vain and Laughable

    I have to laugh sometimes when I think how the leaders of this world get so serious about our climate—like as if WE can actually change the climate! Okay, there are many things we can do as good … Continue reading

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