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The Bema Seat of Christ: The Judge and Setting

  I have been writing on the Bema seat of Christ, which is the place of judgement for Christians at the end of time, when we will be judged for our works, whether they be good or bad, and where … Continue reading

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How We Will Be Able To See and Experience God in Eternity — 4 Possible Ways

  I think the greatest limit we have now is our inability to see God and our inability to sense and know all the time that He is with us. All that will be changed in heaven.  In heaven we … Continue reading

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What will our glorified bodies be like?

  In heaven we will still converse with God as we do now, but in many ways it will be different and better. Prayer (soul to soul communication) will be much better because of our glorified bodies.  With our new … Continue reading

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2 Timothy 4:1-8: A Study of Our Lord’s Appearing; Will We Love His Appearing?

  Will you love His appearing? Or will you rather that Jesus delay His coming as long as possible? This is the question that we need to ask ourselves in view of this passage before us.   I solemnly charge … Continue reading

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Zechariah 12:10: Rapture or Second Coming?

  In this progressive study we will be looking at over seventy verses (in biblical order) that speak of His return—either the first phase or the second phase. My task will be to show, whether the passage suggests the rapture (first … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion

  In saying that Islam is not a peaceful religion, I am not saying that all Muslims are not peaceful. I think there are many good, peaceful Muslims in the world. But I don’t believe they are peaceful because of … Continue reading

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Jesus Last Prayer: It Is Finished: Jesus Paid the Full Price for Our Sins

Originally posted on Prayer A to Z:
? Just before Jesus died He cried out this prayer.  “Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit…  It is finished.”  Note that I have combined the two phrases, because Jesus prayed them…

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The Great White Throne Judgment: An Awesome Scene!

As it will happen at the end of the Millennium, after Satan is released, unbelievers from all over the world will surround the entire area where the saints will dwell—all around Jerusalem (Rev. 20:9). They no doubt will intend to … Continue reading

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Mighty God: One of the Millennial Names of Christ

 There is no question now and there will be no question in the millennium and for eternity that Christ is and will be fully God.  And one of His titles, Mighty God, definitely indicates it. This title, written in the … Continue reading

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Mainstream media embraces End Time idea.

Originally posted on Candid and Conservative:
Many individuals agree with the possibilities of Joel Richardsons idea about an apocalyptic return coming out of the Mid-East in an environment currently being created by politics and radicals. Particularly the Islamic Anti-Christ. http://www.joelstrumpet.com/?page_id=2916…

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