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Super Moon: Let the Moon Praise Him

 The Super moon just coming up through the tree in Minnesota.   Psalm 148:3 Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all stars of light!   Zooming in on the super moon.   The moon rising above the trees.   … Continue reading

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How We Will Be Able To See and Experience God in Eternity — 4 Possible Ways

  I think the greatest limit we have now is our inability to see God and our inability to sense and know all the time that He is with us. All that will be changed in heaven.  In heaven we … Continue reading

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Better Pleasures — Now and Forever

  It seems that we are always, constantly seeking pleasure. We are seeking to be delighted and satisfied through pleasure—whether it is the pleasure of good, tasty food, the delights of the eye as we look at beauty, or maybe … Continue reading

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God’s Glory Manifest in the Millennial Kingdom

   This millennial condition will no doubt bring to all people the knowledge that God exists and that they are without excuse in believing Him (Rom. 1:20). His presence and glory will be seen everywhere in His creation. The whole … Continue reading

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Snow in Minnesota: God Has Made Me Glad!

Originally posted on Prayer A to Z:
  After the snow had come and gone After a good night’s rest I woke with a song The sun had come And I was hungry So I went to get some breakfast…

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