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16 Characteristics of Christ’s Second Coming

  When I studied all of the references that I thought applied to Christ’s second coming and put them together (35 references), I came up with 16 characteristics. As you read through these points notice both the differences and the … Continue reading

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Jesus’ First Stop will be the Mount of Olives – Zechariah 14:3-11; Acts 1:9-11

  After Jesus comes in the sky and all eyes see Him, He will signal His angels, with a loud trumpet blast, to go and gather all the elect “from the four winds” (Matt. 24:31). Hence, at the sound of … Continue reading

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Christ’s Second Coming: The Timing and Purpose of His Coming

  Sometime after the rapture of the Church Christ will come to this earth.  When will He come? and What is the Purpose of His coming?   THE TIME OF HIS COMING   1. He will come after the Tribulation … Continue reading

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10 Descriptions of Christ as a Shepherd in the End Times

  In my study, mainly of millennium passages, I have come up with ten descriptions of Christ as Shepherd, especially as the Shepherd of Israel. 1.  He looks for those who are lost. Our Lord is always concerned for the … Continue reading

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The Gathering of the Elect at the Second Coming of Christ

    Just at the time that Christ comes to this earth to set up His kingdom, at the crucial time when all the nations of the earth are gathered together for war at a place called Armageddon (Rev. 16:16), … Continue reading

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