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An Economic Collapse: Caused by the Rapture – 10 point Scenario

  I have previously blogged about what I think will be the most immediate effects of the Rapture: airplane and automobile crashes, rioting and looting, and the emotional effects. Now I will begin to cover the more ongoing effect, which … Continue reading

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Just Before the Rapture – Part One

In this blog post, and in the next four posts, we will examine the scriptures to see what God has told us about what this world will be like just before Jesus comes to rapture us. And since I believe … Continue reading

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Zechariah 14:1-15: Rapture or Second Coming?

  Zechariah 14:1-15 Behold, a day is coming for the Lord when the spoil taken from you will be divided among you. 2 For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, … Continue reading

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The Shepherd of Israel in the Last Days — 8 Points

In the last days, Jesus Christ will be the Good Shepherd of Israel. Here are eight of His good works as a shepherd. 1.  He looks for those who are lost. Our Lord is always concerned for the lost—for their … Continue reading

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