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The Rapid Growth of Globalism in America – 5 points

Globalism may look wonderful and sparkly, but it’s all a deception.  1 What is globalism? Globalism is a socialist government system where the entire world is governed and controlled by one government system and by one person. I suppose some … Continue reading

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A Disruption of the New World Order

  In the last two years, since Donald Trump became the U.S. President, we have seen in America, and also throughout the World, a disruption in the New World Order. Why? Because President Trump has declared that he is not … Continue reading

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Lying and Lying Accusations in the 2016 Debates

  For a lot of people these days, lying isn’t a subject that they think about or that concerns them. Maybe they don’t think they ever lie and so they are not worried about it.  Or maybe they do lie … Continue reading

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